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Friday, December 22, 2017

Marina Resort in Calabar

Marina Resort Calabar, Cross River State

Cross River State is presently reputed for tourism-related activities in Nigeria. The state came to limelight in term of tourism-related activities during the governorship of Donald Duke, whose tenure starting the biggest street carnival in Africa tagged Calabar Carnival, and develop of Tinapa and Obudu Cattle ranch to international standard. All these efforts were geared towards diversification of the state economy.

Other beautiful tourist attractions in the state include Etinkpani Cave, Calabar River, Cross River National Park, Amphitheatre (with about 210 seats) Mary Slessor house, Old residency museum, Orange resort, Aqua Vista resort, Marina resort to name but a few.

Marina Resort
Marina Resort is located at the bank of Calabar River in Cross River State. The attraction has the following features within, the museum of slave history, boat ride in the Calabar River, different types of bars, multipurpose hall; the whole ground floor is tarred forming beautiful scenery.  
Access to marina resort is very cheap. Visitors are charged a hundred naira at the entrance but this does not give one access to everything attraction. A visitor to the cinema or the slave history museum pays a different fee.

Multipurpose hall

                                   Museum of Slave History, in Marina Resort.

                                      Tarred motor ways inside the resort.

The museum is one of the striking features in the resort. It recreates the slave trade experience for visitors. Sculpture works and pictorial evidence adore the museum.
One of the walkways in the resort.

Standing on the steel barricade one views the great Calabar River.

Photo Credit: Ekpa Ntan (2014)
Sourced by: Omini Edet

Composed by: Chigozie Jude Odum Ph.D.