UNN resumption date for new session


Gravel mining in Akwuke beach. It is a means of livelihood for the Akwuke people and beyond. The beach has a sandy section for recreational activities. This ecotourism attraction is undeveloped.The need for Enugu State government to develop this beach is imperative.
Ogba (Cave) in Affa. Ogba is usually a native name for caves in southeastern Nigeria (Odum, 2017).This cave was said to be possessed by an evil spirit (ajo muo) but the evil spirit was exorcised with the aid of a reverend father. Presently, the cave is used by different people for prayers. There was evidence of modern religious ornaments like a crucifix and Catholic chaplets. The water from the cave is considered to be holy. Worthy to note is that the path to the cave is scary, slippery and highly undulated that a visitor can not stand up while climbing down to the entrance of the hill. It is the view of ottourism platform that a multi-disciplinary study of the cave is relevant while its tourism potentials brought to limelight.

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